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Toni was born into a large, loving family in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Her beloved grandmother and aunts were all great cooks, and each had their famous dishes. Life, whether it was good or bad, revolved around food. During holidays, menus were even more extravagant, and the portion sizes even larger.  With all that good food, she was chubby as a kid, and by the time she was in junior high, her weight became a real problem. She had grown to recognize food as an answer to whatever was going on in life. She never, however, allowed weight to stop her. She was beautiful, confident, popular, and involved in clubs, cheerleading, and dance. Still, as she got older, she got consistently heavier. People noticed, of course, and she'd often expressed the desire to lose weight. Her granny, especially, encouraged her.

"You can do it, Toni," she would say. "Just push back from the table."

However, the advice was easier prescribed than taken. Toni continued to gain weight through college and the early part of her teaching career, at one point getting to over 300 pounds. Her weakness was breads, pizza, and sweets like ice cream and cookies. All throughout her 20s and 30s, she experimented with every diet and weight loss plan known to man. She tried Weight Watchers, TLC, Jenny Craig, the Diet Center, and Herbalife--and always, she would lose weight and quickly put it back on. None of those programs were sustainable or practical for her lifestyle in the long term. A healthcare professional suggested surgery, but that was never an option for Toni. Not only was going under the knife scary, she knew in her heart she could do it without those drastic measures. Surgery can help people get to and maintain a healthy weight, but it just wasn't for her. She had achieved so much in life; she felt she could accomplish this as well.

The year 2020 was when she knew a change had to be made. With the arrival of Covid-19, there was nowhere to go and nothing to do but eat, and Toni, like many of us, gained the quarantine pounds. When she went to the doctor for a routine physical, the prognosis was eye-opening. The doctor was suggesting multiple medicines: for cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetes, all illnesses related to her weight. Toni knew she was too young to be taking all those prescriptions, so she had to get a handle on her weight for good this time.

Not long after, she discovered her own system. Right away, she began to lose weight. The Detox Drinks, which is excellent for purification and organ health, allowed her to get rid of the extra water weight that was keeping her heavy. The Flare gave her energy to keep moving and helped control her appetite. The coffee, which is highly popular, aided in battling inflammation and pain. In the meantime, the weight kept coming off. To date, she has lost over 60 pounds and is looking better than ever. She is slimmer and shapelier; her skin is clear; and she feels great, all thanks to her products. She has a goal to get to 195, and she is sure it is possible with this effective and natural system. As always, Toni wants to help others achieve their goals. You, too, can lose weight with Toni's Weight loss products; let Toni show you how.

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